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Thanks to flexible and independent Vascomm Interface Board, Telemetry and Digital Wallet solutions, Vascomm has everything you need with 30 years of experience!

Our Solutions at a Glance

Interface Board

The flexible and independent Vascomm Interface Board has unlimited types of integration and connectivity.

Management & Telemetry System

Measurable, classifiable and reportable data gives you complete control over your operation.

Digital Wallet

It allows you to use your needs such as seasonal payment, limited payment, payment by location, etc. with centralized control, automatic upload and detailed reporting features.

Moreover, all transactions takes place in country.
No Cross-Border Processing

Comprehensive Self-Service Payment Solutions

EMV L1&L2 Certified Physical POS Terminal

Real Time transactions by Banks and Payment Processors or through Payments Gateways. All payment getaways and providers are FCA Financial Conduct Authority accredited.


Collecting payments by coin and paper money mechanisms compatible with the MDB protocol.

Bank Connection

Banks in Turkey that accept credit card and debit card transactions and collection.


Colleting payments with cards such as smartphones, meal cards, transportation cards, etc.

QR Code

Collecting payments by general and closed circuit, multi-option QR code infrastructure.

Prepaid Wallet

Prepaid wallet payment collection using time, amount or quantity-defined cards or mobile communication devices

Digital Wallet

Measurable, Classifiable Data with


No matter which payment method and technology is involved, Vascomm creates a customized self-service payment solution. You can also obtain measurable, classifiable and reportable data using the Management and Telemetry Dashboard.

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